How often should I get my windows cleaned?

We generally recommend that you get your windows cleaned at least once every six months.

Why do I need my windows cleaned?

Cleaning your windows makes your whole house sparkle and gives you a bright outlook.  Having your windows cleaned should be part of your regular household maintenance program.  If untreated, your windows can become corroded or permanently etched, ultimately requiring replacement.  

Clean windows are also important when selling your home, as it communicates to the potential buyer that your home has been well maintained.

Why aren't store bought cleaners effective in cleaning windows?

Most store bought cleaners are often petroleum based which can leave a residue build up preventing the glass from ever being completely clean and which can attract more dust and dirt.

We do recommend having you sunscreens cleaned several times a year in order to maintain their cleanliness and to aid in prolonging their life.  On your own you can remove the screens and spray both the front and back with your hose.  We don't recommend spraying them while they are still covering you windows.  Water will spray through onto your windows and Arizona has extremely hard water which will leave deposits and scale on your windows.  

One of our services is to do a  deep cleaning of your sunscreens by spraying off, scrubbing and rinsing your sunscreens.  

Should I clean my sunscreens?

The white deposits are simply a buildup of the calcium and other chemicals found in our water.  When you water your lawn/plants or spray off your patio; water may splash onto your windows.  If left unattended it can leave deposits which regular cleaning can't remove.

We use a cleaning solution that will help to remove such deposits, however, this is not a "magic" solution and may or may not completely remove all of the deposits from the windows.  In some case, permanent damage to the glass may have occurred if the problem has been left unattended too long.

What are those white deposits on my windows?

We highly recommend both.  Just as the environment outside can lead to dirty windows, so can the inside.  Sometimes more so.  All manner of bugs, grease, and smoke can build up on the inside just as dirt and water spotting can on the outside.

Do we need both the inside and outside cleaned?